With The Fitness Maverick Program, you'll get the highly-proven Coaching system to finally TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN 2018!

"My mission is to empower YOU to live a high-performance lifestyle, and achieve your body's potential!" - Gareth Sapstead MSc cscs, The Fitness Maverick

  • A PROVEN system that works WITH you, designed to PERFORM FOR LIFE.
  • Training and Nutrition BUILT AROUND YOU,  with 'Mav' as your personal Coach!
  • Delivered online via the exclusive FITNESS MAVERICK APP to maximise time and accountability.
  • DELICIOUS RECIPES, supplement plans and shopping lists to compliment your FOOD PLAN.
  • Less than the cost of just a single 1-2-1 Personal Training session a week.
  • The KICK up the butt you know you need! So what are you waiting for, book your no-obligation consultation and let's chat goals.




Just a very small selection of clients that would love to share their success stories with you...

Luke Martina | Dad Bod to Fit Bod

Luke went from 86kg feeling out of shape and low on energy (picture left), to 74kg lean and mean (middle) in just months. Long-term using the same system he's now reached a milestone goal of adding an extra 5kg of muscle, now at 79kg (picture right). 14kg loss in bodyfat and muscle gained!

Aine Powell | Wedding Day Fit

This Program changes lives!  Aine went from out of shape and low on energy, to come out of the other side a completely different person, physically and mentally. ""I can not recommend working with Gareth enough" . Check out Aine's video.

Alex De Paula | The Best Shape of His Life!

"FINALLY, I was able to make a leap in consistent results by having Gareth as my Online Coach for the past 4 months"...…"evidence that when it comes to aging, the law of diminishing returns needs not apply!"  Alex is currently in the best shape of his life, and continues to be a client of the Maverick Coaching Program.

The Fitness Maverick Mission is to "EMPOWER you to live a high-performance lifestyle, and achieve your bodies' potential"  

Lucy T | Fit For Life!

Despite having a busy life, a young family, and a job that involves traveling all over the world, with Gareth’s help Lucy managed to maximise the time she did have. - Lucy lost 23.5 inches overall, and got in to the great shape she manages to maintain today.

Andreas Ioannou | CEO L'Homme Grooming

The Fitness Maverick Program managed to take Andreas from 12% to 8% bodyfat in 8-weeks.  Andreas' strong will and mindset, alongside some gruelling 6:30am workouts allowed him to get in great shape for his wedding day with his beautiful wife Eleni (also a former happy client).

Lisa N | Busy Restaurant Owner and Mum

"Not knowing what online coaching was, I was hesitant at first. I’ve tried fad diets before, and used to search the Internet for exercises. But none of it ever worked. But these hesitations were quickly overcome in that first week on the program. The support I was getting completely exceeded my expectations. I'm so glad I've done it now and I feel much more confident in my own body shape"  - Lisa lost 19lbs, with her proudest achievement being able to now do 5 full bodyweight pull-ups.

Andy N | Junior Doctor

"Finding the time to eat and train properly has always been a problem for me, but Gareth assured me he'd make everything work around my schedule. He did, and the pictures speak for themselves" - Andy went from a 37 inch waist to 31.5 inches in 90 days, and 11% reduction in bodyfat.

Will Prentice| CEO Elite Scooters Ltd 

Will worked with The Fitness Maverick Coaching system for nearly a year, getting in to his best shape ever. Hard work and consistency allowed Will to go from 10% body fat and skinny, to 6% with massive gains in muscle and strength.

"With your will and my direction we will transform you in to a fitter, leaner, and more energised version of who you are today. Let's do this!"

Wayne Greatrix | 79 Day Results!

"I was lacking motivation before and just going through the motions with my training, Gareth completely changed that for me. Things just clicked and training became fun again. I love how creative his exercises and workouts are, and best of all how fast I saw changes"  - Wayne went from 17% bodyfat to 8% - a 9% overall loss in 79 days."

Alex P. | Project Manager

"The results I saw in an extremely short period of time were amazing. Doing what I was told in my food plan and workouts and knowing it was the right thing for me made things really easy”  - Alex has lost 16lbs off her petite frame, and now looks forward to working out again and having someone tell her the right things to do on a daily basis.

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